Online dating being a new generation thing, it has brought a lot for people to learn.  It has made the world look small and anyone can’t access the service. Online gay dating free has no limitation of age above 18 years. The can meet all colored people and from all religion. Many have embrace the apps which come in handy for the busy individuals. They get to meet on social media and chat inbox which is much easier than dates and late dinners. 80% of the people who have used this service are positive about it and can recommend someone to use.

  1. Picky: when it comes to online dating you can be picky, you can chat more than one person at a time. You have the will to alternate between partners to get your taste.


  1. Time: the online services can be both time consuming as you search for partner but can really save time. You don’t need to meet but can chat on the phone.


  1. Deceitful: online dating has been proven to be deceitful, some users say they expected someone different from what they saw on their first date.


  1. Comfortable: you only need to write a profile for someone to read and look for you. You can do it at the comfort of your home.